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UniMAP Expands Geopolymer Technology with Mongolia

Kuala Lumpur, May 19 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis ( UniMAP ) aims to develop geopolymer technology research , particularly in the area of concrete in an effort to boost the development of the construction industry based on green technology in Malaysia .

The Vice Chancellor, Brig . Jen . Datuk Prof . Dr . Kamarudin Hussin said the use of ordinary cement concrete using  “Portland Cement “, especially in the construction of many buildings contribute to environmental pollution , especially the release of carbon dioxide ( C02 ) are relatively high .

So for that reason , he said , a team of UniMAP researchers through the Centres of Excellence Geopolymer & Green Technology ( CEGeoGTech ) led by Senior Lecturer , Faculty of Engineering, Dr . Mohd . Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah has produced green concrete research without cement that could reduce CO2 emissions.

In order to widen the scope of research in the field of geopolymer technology, UniMAP has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU ) with the Mongolian Academy Of Sciences (MAS ) .

According to Dr . Kamarudin , the collaboration is focused on geopolymer concrete research based on fly ash in Mongolia who are believed to have calcium content and a higher compression rate, and it is in line with research conducted by UniMAP CEGeoGTech .

" Fly ash or clay used has properties and chemical composition almost like Ordinary Portland Cement and collaboration is expected to help deepen UniMAP geopolymer concrete technology development in Mongolia to be applied with the same technology development in Malaysia .

" It is the first agreement between UniMAP and Mongolia , and we hope it will open up more opportunities and a network of cooperation between the two sides in future," he said.


UniMAP Launch New Intake Mode ' UniMAP Dekat Di Hati '

Kangar , May 19 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis ( UniMAP ) prepared to offer places to students who failed to pursue a Diploma in selected Higher Education Institutions (IPTA), through a special program called ''UniMAP Dekat Di Hati''' which will be held in Perlis and Putrajaya in May and June 2014 .

Vice Chancellor, Brig . Jen . Datuk Prof . Dr . Kamarudin Hussin said under the program , which will start at Padang Besar and Arau on May 29 , the next in Kangar on 5 and 6 June and Putrajaya on June 12 and 13, UniMAP will provide a total of 50 to 100 places for students who meet the minimum admission to the Diploma program offered.

In addition, the program is introduced to assist students who have family household income less than RM3 , 000 per month .

" UniMAP will provides about 50 to 100 places for students who could not get a place at university through new entry mode for 40% lower households income . In addition to family household income below RM3000 per month, students or have a mother / father / guardian status is disabled or orphans or cared for by single mother / father should also be addressed through “UniMAP Dekat Di Hati'' program .

"In addition, we will also provide opportunities for students in this category who have applied to university through the UPU but failed to get a place at any university for admission to the UniMAP appeals process , " he said in a statement here today.

Kamarudin said the program is also in line with the government's desire to encourage universities traveled everywhere including in rural areas to help young people not to fall behind in education.

He said the program is also to convey the government's aspiration to give a second chance to students and help those who cannot afford to continue their education.

"Government is aware of the opportunities to further their education in institutions of higher learning increasingly intense and on a number of factors; students who live in rural areas drop out”.

"With this program, they have the opportunity to continue their studies in UniMAP and select the appropriate field of study at Diploma level and degree, " he said.

He furthered, students who are interested and meet the criteria, may attend 'UniMAP Dekat Di Hati'' program.



'UniMAP Dekat Di Hati'' is a program initiative of UniMAP’s University Social Responsibility (USR) to the people of Perlis and Malaysia as a whole. This program aims to provide opportunities for SPM (Science Stream) with minimum academic qualification for entering UniMAP with regard to the status of the lowest 40% of households income. Students in the above categories and failed to get a study in UniMAP invited to come to this program will be held as follows:




29 Mei 2014


Dewan Kemas Alor Tampang, Padang Besar, Perlis

9AM – 12.30PM

SMK Arau, Arau, Perlis

2.30PM – 5PM

5 Jun 2014


Ruang legar Perpustakaan UniMAP Kangar, Level 1, Bgn. KWSP, Kangar

9AM- 1PM

6 Jun 2014


Ruang legar Perpustakaan UniMAP Kangar, Level 1, Bgn. KWSP, Kangar

9 AM – 12.15 PM

Kindly bring copies of the following documents: 
i) Identification card of students 
ii) pay slips (household income) 
iii) SPM (meet minimum of general requirements IPTA  and UniMAP’s special requirements asset by UPU) 
iv) OKU card (if applicable) 
v) Social Welfare Card (if applicable)


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