Since multimedia unit establish in year 2005, variety of multimedia services from this unit was being requested in various programmes, ceremony, seminar and university activity whether that in university, national and also international. This unit service not just limit to internal application only , even outside agencies also use multimedia unit service. Until now, this unit already operating with strength only 12 people staff headed by Dr. Azuwir bin Mohd Nor as director which ensures that every service administered by multimedia unit is quality and high quality.

   In line with development and university progress that are increase rapidly, the need and university programme also increased. However the constraint from staff aspect, expertise, and technical equipment quite difficult for multimedia unit to provide service that is the best and quality to stakeholder. Sometimes staff social welfare aspect for this unit  forced to be neglected to make sure only service that is quality given to stakeholder. In this case because multimedia unit believe that by give the best service, the university image and this unit especially will be enhanced.

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