From The Desk of Director

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Greeting & welcome to the official website of the Multimedia Unit. Thanks to Allah because give me a chance to wrote a few words here.

As we know, multimedia unit under the dept. of canselory have become a leader in video publishing and audio visual in every university's program. This unit also become the most active unit to make sure all the university's program involving student and staff of UniMAP to be success.

Therefore, it is our hope to improve the quality of our services in order to balance the multimedia development in UniMAP along with government efforts to promote the development of ict and multimedia to be use as a new method of learning.

Multimedia unit will giving the highest commitment to provide a good services in every university's program in the future. I would like to congratulate to all multimedia staff who are always giving a very good efforts in carrying out their duties in this field.

Thanks you.
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